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Theresa’s Story
Theresa’s Story

Theresa Thrower
February 2016
Serious runner/triathlete since 2009

In June 2015, I started having lower back pain back. I really didn’t do much about it then because I’m the type of person to just “work through” the pain. I continued to work out 7 days a week; doing two workouts a day and then had trouble sleeping due to the pain. I did see my chiropractor and massage therapist regularly, but it didn’t seem to help. Finally in December 2015, my back had spasms. These spasms continued for several weeks. During this time, I had to stop all workouts as well as all other activities. I couldn’t even get out of bed without having a spasm. I saw my chiropractor and massage therapist, but they couldn’t seem to stop the spasms or figure out why I was having them in the first place. I even went to my medical doctor to get muscle relaxers just to get some relief. After the spasms stopped, I was still having pain/severe tightness in the lower back, I started swimming. After a week of just swimming, I try biking. Even taking it slow, the bike still hurt my lower back. I tried to run, and the pain was so bad, that I had to stop after 5 minutes. I was very frustrated and scared that I did permanent damage.

I was complaining to my father who lives in another state and he mentioned Active Release Techniques (ART) and that has helped him in the past. He is the one who found Dr. Fierro. I checked Dr. Fierro’s website and read up on ART treatments and thought I should give it a try since nothing else seemed to be working. I started care in his office in January 2016. I was able to get in right away. The staff is amazing! They are very nice and always smiling. Dr. Fierro is very knowledgeable, and was able to diagnose me relativity quickly. Dr. Fierro really took his time and talked me through what was going on with my back, and how he was going to treat me. I had my first treatment that first visit. He was able to get me pain free in just four treatments!
After eight treatments, I am back to my regular workout schedule and my back hasn’t felt this great in a long time. I am now on a maintenance schedule, and I can’t thank him enough!