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Steps to take if you are in an auto accident

Steps to Take if you are in an Auto Accident

An auto accident can be a confusing, terrifying and traumatic incident. Most people are not aware of what to do at that time. When you are involved in an accident, emotions are high and injuries may be severe. Overcoming an auto accident can be a difficult and long process. If you have permanent injuries, things can get more complex. At our RSI Phys Med, patients get significant medical help after an accident; mentally as well as physically. They offer amazing treatment methods which help you heal faster and recover soon.

Following are the steps you should take if you are in an auto accident:

Stay calm: The first step you should take if you are in a vehicle accident is to stay calm. It is difficult but you have to handle the situation calmly. Just take a deep breath and face the situation. Collect yourself and focus on things that require immediate attention.

Don’t leave the accident site: Stay in the same place until help arrives. If you leave the place where someone was killed or has severe injuries you may be charged criminal penalties for being a hit-and-run driver.

Check for injuries: Make sure that you are fine and get first aid if you have any injuries. After that check all the passengers if anybody has life-threatening injuries. In case of serious injuries, seek medical help immediately. Make sure to get a thorough check-up by a medical professional after an auto accident.

Call the police: It is the most important step as you need to take as a responsible person. In case there is a death, physical injury or powerful property damage, calling the police is the best way to handle the crisis.

Take pictures of the accident scene: Take pictures of any damage to the vehicles, as soon as possible, after the accident. These photos will help your insurance agent determine how much you can claim for the damages. It can also help you in the court.

Move your vehicle for safety in case of a minor accident: Traffic around an accident scene may lead to further accidents or high traffic and can create additional hazards. Try to move your vehicle to the hard shoulder on the road or to a safer location if it is movable. Before moving your vehicle, make sure to take the photographs of your vehicle at the accident scene. It will help you to get insurance or rectification.

Call law enforcement just after the accident: You must contact the authorities if there is an incident. Call them even if no one is injured. They can help set your affairs in order and write an official report on the incident.

Keep the record of your medical treatment: Maintain records of any medical professionals, chiropractors, physical therapists and doctors who are treating you at the time and post-accident. Keep a complete account of the medications and treatments you receive. Ask for copies of all medical bills and reports. These proofs your medical expenses can easily document the medical expenses. Track how your injuries affected your daily life and work routine.