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Corrective Exercise
Corrective Exercise
Corrective Exercise

What is Corrective Exercise?

Corrective exercise is a scientifically advanced, yet simple method for treating joint dysfunction and skeleton misalignment. Corrective exercise is designed to target your specific imbalances and bring you back to normal postural position. Unlike other conventional exercises, corrective exercises are flexible to your needs and bring about positive changes in your health.

The exercises are called “corrective” because they focus on correcting the cause for dysfunction rather than addressing the symptoms. Corrective exercises are the scientifically chosen movements and exercises that restore particular dysfunctions. Without any medications or injection, corrective exercise eliminates pain by treating the root cause.

How does it Work?

Every day your body is in constant movement either walking, stretching, weight lifting, leaning, slouching, sitting on the desk, and so on. Some bad movements cause stiffening of muscles in some places and loosening in other places, leading to an overall imbalance and pain. Corrective exercise reverses the effect caused by imbalances, compelling your body to work in a more coordinated way. The exercises eliminate the compensations and imbalances, thereby restoring the normal structure of your body so that you can go about your normal routine without pain.

Corrective exercise programs start with analysis of your body movements and type. Then an exclusive exercise protocol is framed to help patients strengthen and relieve pain.

Benefits of Corrective Exercise

  • Treat pain and injuries without use of drugs or medications
  • Maximize an athlete’s performance and reduce sports-related injuries
  • Enhance overall daily activities by improving posture, flexibility and strength
  • Corrective exercises are flexible programs that meet individual needs
  • It can be performed comfortably at home

Am I a Candidate for Corrective Exercise?

Most people assume that corrective exercise is limited to injured patients; but, it is for anyone who wishes to maximize his or her potential.